Surface wave tomography using sparse data acquisition US20160341839A1 

Inventors Roman Kazinnik, Michael Davidson, Ali TURA, Aaron L. JANSSEN, Charles C. Mosher, Ronnie B. Darnell

Fracture characterization from refraction travel time data  US 9244183 B2 
Inventors Samik SilAli TURARoman KazinnikXinfa ZHU

Wavefront-defined radon transform EP 2260328 A4
Inventors Alex BerkovitchIgor BelferRoman Kazinnik


Masters Computer Science
R Kazinnik and G Elber, Orthogonal Decomposition of Non‐Uniform Bspline Spaces using Wavelets for 3-D Interactive Modeling, EuroGraphics Best paper award
PhD Mathematics
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R Kazinnik and N Dyn, Two algorithms for approximation in highly complicated planar domains, Algorithms for Approximation: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference, July 2005. Springer, 2006.
Research Scientist at Conoco-Phillips
R Kazinnik and Ali Tura, Samik Sik, A new methodology for reservoir anisotropy estimation: application to Joanne field, North Sea, accepted, The Interpretation journal, 2015
R Kazinnik et al, Ekofisk near-surface monitoring for containment, SEG Annual meeting, 2014

Post-doctorate Researcher at the University of Texas at Austin
R Kazinnik, Inversion of Liouville equation and applications in geophysics, Inverse Problems (accepted for publication)
R Kazinnik and M K Sen, Multivariate wave propagation in anisotropic media in phase-space, in preparation
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V. Bashkardin, T. Browaeys, S. Fomel, F. Gao, R. Kazinnik, S. Morton, S. Terentyev, A. Vladimirsky, and P. Williamson. Phase-space computation of multi-arrival travel time in highly heterogeneous media, SEG 81st Annual Meeting 2012
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R Kazinnik and V Bashkardin, Multiscale solution of wave equation using stable finite differences, SEG 80th annual meeting 2010
S Fomel and R Kazinnik, Non-hyperbolic common reflection surface, SEG 79th annual meeting 2009